Tulsi Honey Benefits of Honey

Tulsi honey has many properties. It is antipyretic. Also it is anti-inflammatory. It is anti-vomiting. Reduces blood sugar levels. Lowers blood-pressure due to being hypotensive. is anti-asthmatic. Effective against asthma. It is a pain reliever. is hypolipidemic. Hence lowers cholesterol. It is an expectorant. Relieves fatigue and mental stress. Increases Prasveda It is liver protector. Most importantly, it contains anticancer substances.

Even after a patient recovers, side effects remain. Perhaps one can cause another disease. But if you consume Tulsi honey regularly, you will be able to prevent the side effects of the disease and the other disease from one to another.

It is not only useful for fever, but Tulsi honey honey is useful for skin diseases like eczema and eczema, black spots, heart disease, breathing problems, hey, small insect bites and fever, kidney stone.

 Tulsi honey is worshiped in Indian Hinduism. As there are countless benefits of consuming Tulsi honey, it is also mentioned in Ayurveda. In Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita also Tulsi honey is said to be beneficial.

Tulsi honey leaves are considered to be beneficial for medicinal use. Tulsi honey Consuming honey removes kapha-vayu dosha. Increases digestive power and appetite and purifies the blood.

It is also beneficial in fever, heart disease, stomach ache, malaria and bacterial infections.

Beneficial for the brain

Headache relief

Beneficial in night blindness

Beneficial in toothache

Relieves urinary inflammation

Relieves asthmatic patients as well as dry cough.

It also relieves indigestion or indigestion.

Consuming Tulsi honey honey is beneficial in the problem of stones.

Increases the body’s resistance to disease.


Relieves Stress and Fatigue: Modern researches have proved it and ancient scriptures of India have also shown that Tulsi honey has many benefits in terms of physical as well as mental health. For example, by drinking its decoction cold, the fatigue and mental stress of the whole day is removed. The concentration of the student also increases. Special: When reading for a long time, concentration is often broken. Consuming Tulsi honey decoction is helpful.

Eye Infections and Eye Care: Your eyes are constantly bombarded with various particles and pollutants every day. So many people get eye diseases. At that time, Tulsi honey becomes an instant remedy. For that, you should boil water in a copper vessel, boil basil honey in it and let that water settle overnight. Then in the morning sprinkle that cold water over the eyes so the tension on the eyes will be removed, it will be relieved. Not only that, cold water with Tulsi honey is also very useful for diseases like conjunctivitis or itching.


Weight loss by consuming Tulsi honey: Tulsi honey is a natural substance that is useful in weight loss. A decoction of Tulsi honey or adding Tulsi honey to tea also increases physical strength. Importantly it does not contain calories!!! If you want to lose fat fast, drink basil honey decoction or tea with basil honey. It will not have any side effects. Drinking two cups of tulsi honey decoction daily will give you amazing results. It is just as effective as exercise. Also remember that exercise, as much as needed, is essential for fat loss. However, apart from exercise, Tulsi honey-tea also removes fat. But if you exercise along with it, it will have a quick effect. There are some things to know about Tulsi honey. It helps in absorption of nutrients. It speeds up the metabolism process. Strengthens the digestive system. So the weight is reduced rapidly. Such functions can be dosed with Tulsi honey-tea.


Tulsi honey helps in smoking addiction etc.: Tulsi honey is useful against cancer. It prevents cancer. One of the causes of cancer is smoking. But Tulsi honey is useful in breaking the habit of smoking itself. It also purifies the blood by removing nicotine. The habit of smoking or chewing tobacco can also be broken with Tulsi honey leaves. For that you should chew Tulsi honey leaves only. Boil and drink Tulsi honey when craving for smoking or chewing tobacco. So there will be no such desire. Remember this very well, that the first step to addiction recovery is to stay away from the addiction.

For common fever, common cold or respiratory problems: Tulsi honey is useful in relieving common fever. To prevent diseases like malaria or dengue, boil basil with honey and cinnamon in tea and add milk and sugar to it. Tulsi honey is helpful in preventing fever. It is also useful for small children.

Basil honey contains camphene, cineol, and eugenol. Hence colds and congestion in the chest and lungs are removed. Tulsi honey juice along with honey and ginger juice prevents bronchitis, asthma (asthma), influenza, cough and cold. A decoction of tulsi honey leaves is also useful in respiratory disorders. Adding ginger juice and honey to it is more helpful. For influenza, a decoction of Tulsi honey with a little salt and cloves gives quick relief. Tulsi honey has the power to remove sebum. So the irritation caused by cough etc. can be removed immediately. Removes phlegm from bronchial tubes.


Tulsi honey is a natural immunity booster: Tulsi honey contains good amounts of vitamin C and zinc. Hence it increases the natural immunity. Protects against infection. It has anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. So it protects against many different infections. Tulsi honey strengthens the type of cells. It acts as a powerful fighter against disease germs. These cells protect our body against various infections.

Heart disease and Tulsi honey: Phytochemicals Ocimumosides ‘A’ and ‘B’ are present in Tulsi honey. So stress is reduced. Blood-pressure decreases. These substances balance the ‘serotonin’ and dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. So stress is reduced. The anti-inflammatory quality of tulsi honey lowers blood pressure. And also relieves inflammation. Basil honey lowers blood-limid-levels. It contains isenia. So ‘Stroke’ Tulsi honey leaves prevent, lowers blood pressure. and reduces blood antioxidants. Hence cardiovascular disease is prevented.

Tulsi honey lowers blood cholesterol levels. And removes the possibility of asthenia and ‘stroke’. So it prevents heart attacks.

In addition, Tulsi honey reduces the risk of pulmonary hypertension by protecting against platelet aggression. It actually affects the pulmonary arteries, which affect the right side of the heart.

Tulsi honey in diabetes: Regular administration of Tulsi honey juice to diabetic patients reduces their blood sugar levels. It is also useful for type-2 diabetes. Animal studies have shown that Tulsi Madh Patra has the power to lower blood sugar levels. Tulsi honey is very useful in dietary-therapy for those with low or moderate sugar-levels, thus helping in medicinal treatment as well. Tulsi honey leaf juice boosts the natural production of insulin, a second experiment on animals has shown that taking basil honey and neem leaf juice together can lower blood sugar levels.


Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tulsi honey has deuteric and urea reducing power and reduces toxic effects. It keeps the uric acid level down in the body. In fact, this uric acid is the main cause of kidney stones. Tulsi honey leaf or leaf juice is very helpful in limiting uric-acid levels in those suffering from gout. Consuming Tulsi honey juice flushes out the stones through the urinary tract through urine.

Anti-cancer properties: The phytochemicals in Tulsi honey have powerful antioxidant properties. It helps a lot against skin, mouth and lung cancer.

Hair-dermatitis, premature aging:

Holy Tulsi honey is also beneficial for your hair in many ways. It can improve the look of your hair in every way. Here is how to use Tulsi honey to keep your hair healthy: (1) Tulsi honey reduces hair fall. (2) It prevents graying of hair. Also prevents light graying. It keeps the hair healthy. It keeps the hair voluminous. And stays black for a long time. Tulsi honey prevents scabies. Tulsi honey prevents hair loss.

Protects the skin from infection. So the skin becomes shiny. It protects against any kind of skin allergy and infection. Because its oil contains vitamins ‘C’ and ‘A’ and phytonutrients. They are powerful antioxidants. So it prevents aging. Tulsi honey-tea keeps you young and also keeps you looking young.

Tulsi honey has the power to make you feel younger. It keeps away aging.