In Ayurveda, the value of eating cow's ghee is like nectar

Ghee plays an important part in Indian cooking. In Ayurveda, cow’s ghee is also considered as nectar. Consuming it has many benefits.If you consume cow ghee regularly you can control your weight and get rid of many diseases. Eating cow ghee reduces your bad cholesterol. And also controls your weight.


Benefits of Cow Ghee: (1) Drinking hot milk after eating hot jalebi made with pure desi ghee in the morning relieves headache. And since ancient times, ghee has been used in Ayurveda to treat kapha, eye diseases, skin diseases as well. That is why pure ghee is also called Rasayana.


(2) Consuming ghee can get rid of heart disease. Cow ghee contains fatty acids. Which protects from diabetes and heart disease.

(3) Ghee also helps in digestion. Ghee contains butyric acid which nourishes the intestinal cells and also relieves stomach inflammation.


(4) To improve memory, eating two spoons of ghee every night at bedtime improves your memory and also removes inflammation, bleeding, cold etc.

(5) If you are suffering from headache, massaging ghee is also very beneficial in relieving headache.


(6) If you are suffering from Migraine, Migraine disease, putting two drops of it in the nose every morning gives relief and consumption of this increases immunity.

(7) Consumption of ghee is also beneficial for hair. This works like a conditioner making the hair soft and shiny. Consuming it also gives mental strength.


(8) Omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee help in reducing harmful cholesterol levels and if the body is tired, drinking one spoon of cow’s ghee, sugar and milk is very beneficial.


(9) It is also effective in weight loss. A study found that an overweight person consumed ghee for six months and lost weight. Thus, it is the best solution for weight loss.

(10) By eating black cow ghee even an old person becomes young. Golden ash is found in cow ghee which has amazing medicinal properties.


(11)Massaging children’s chest with ghee can also get rid of cold and phlegm related diseases. Eating salted ghee has many benefits. Many diseases are also relieved.Many diseases are also cured and our body remains healthy by eating ghee in winter season.